One Big Family

Posted on Dec 5, 2010 in Blog

December 4

Today is the fourth day of the workshop, and time is are flying by. These kids are simply AMAZING. Here’s a little introduction to each of our kids:

Arnold is a natural comedian. He is always in motion… dancing, playing soccer, sneaking up on someone with his camera. He has big dreams of becoming a world famous filmmaker, and we are already incredibly impressed with his talents.

Arnold gets serious with the camera

Beryl was very quiet at first, but she is starting to open up a lot. She is quite mischievous and playful, and seems to enjoy testing boundaries. She is keeping everyone entertained.

Beryl practices her computer skills

Ian is an absolute sweetheart. He loves all of the behind-the-scenes work, especially the camera and audio. He has an eye for detail, and is really good at taking charge on the set. He has a huge appetite, and mealtimes might be his favorite time of the day.

Ian works on scriptwriting

Jason is very serious about what he is learning. He plays close attention to everything, and has been especially instrumental during the story writing process. He loves music, and during break-times he plays DJ for the rest of us.

Evans helps Jason with the camera

Jeff is adorable and very smart. From day one he has been very involved in every lesson, always sharing his ideas and opinions. We can all see incredible potential in him as a future filmmaker.

Jeff gets hands-on with the camera

Martha is the youngest of our kids, and a bit shy during lessons. But when break-time comes, she is very animated and playful. She loves (LOVES) the candy that Jo brought from home.

Martha gets silly with the camera

Mercy has lots of great teenage spunk and attitude. She and Beryl have become fast friends, and it seems like they are perpetually scheming. She has a curious nature, and always has her hands on a piece of equipment, trying to figure it out.

Mercy practices with the audio equipment

Susan is very bright, and incredibly kind. She gets along well with everyone and, as the oldest, she is kind of the big sister of the group. From the very beginning, she has been alert and engaged, and has contributed a lot to the lessons.

Evans helps Susan with the camera

The kids started out on Thursday morning with story building exercises, lots of brainstorming and sharing ideas.

The group works on story building

They were pretty shy at first and hesitant to speak up during the lessons, but everyone seemed to loosen up by Thursday evening… Willow and Jo taught the kids how to make guacamole, and it was a huge hit. Ian even confessed at breakfast on Friday morning that he had dreamt of guacamole during the night! During break times, the kids are running around everywhere with cameras, constantly filming each other, us, and the staff at the guest house.

Jeff, Adam, Ian and Willow play with the camera while Jake films

Ian directs while Jeff shoots

Jason and Jeff practice their camera work

So far, the kids have learned the basics of camera, sound, and editing. They have created a story, and have almost completed their script. By the end of the day today, we actually expect to shoot our first scene! Not bad for four days, right?

The kids get an editing lesson from Adam

Ian and Jeff practice editing

There has been plenty of time for fun too. The guest house is beautiful, and the staff has been incredibly generous and kind. We have been fortunate enough to have two interns, Kennedy and Kevin, from the film program at Kenyatta University working with us. They have been a huge help.

Arnold shows off his breakdancing skills

Modesta and Robin, guest house staff, have big smiles for the camera

Cornelius, our chef, prepares another awesome Kenyan meal

Willow gets tough with a new hairstyle

Our fearless interns, Kevin and Kennedy

Meanwhile, Jo and Jake are super busy trying to capture all of the cuteness that is happening at every moment. They are filming almost all of the time, and have started doing short interviews with the kids, as well as with Adam and Willow. Jake is capturing beautiful footage, and Jo is quickly learning how to be an audio recordist and producer at the same time.

Jake films a lesson

Jo and Willow take a look at the camera framing

Izzo helps Jo and Jake get set up for an interview