Campers Reviews

Grant Singer – 6th grade – Mount Tamalpais School:

When I first heard about the Future Filmmaker Workshops I thought it would be interesting to look up. When I went to the website, I watched some of the movies and was interested especially by the professional setup of the camp: a professional camera, editing system, script and story planning. From the script to the camera to the DVD, it all happens at Future Filmmaker Workshops. Even if you are interested in theatre, this is an excellent experience and it is great to have movie know-how. After having an excellent but tiring week with a great cast and even better mentor Adam Loften, a very nice, professional filmmaker who runs the camp, I was pleased with the outcome which appeared in the form of a DVD. If you or anyone you know is interested in anything involving movies this is the camp! I would highly recommend this camp to anyone and I personally am planning to do it next year too!

Travis Powell – 7th grade – Mill Valley Middle School

Future Filmmaker Workshops was an exciting way for me to learn the entire process of making a movie from start to finish. We learned how to write a script, use a professional camera, act in a film, and edit our footage. At the end of the week, all of the participants brought home a DVD with our movie on it. Adam Loften, the filmmaker in charge of the camp, was very helpful and assisted us in all of the production stages. Future Filmmaker Workshops has shown me the process to making a movie, and has inspired me to make a film on my own. I would highly recommend Future Filmmaker Workshops to anyone interested in filmmaking.

Ian Ivins – 9th grade – Tam High School:

Future Filmmaker Workshops has opened new doors for me in terms of filmmaking and friendships. Everyone was shy at first because no one knew each other, but by the end of day one we had managed to write our whole movie together. We quickly learned to work as a real film crew. I also really liked that our group was small because I had a chance to participate in every step of making our movie. My favorite part was editing the movie. It changed the way I watch T.V. and movies, plus I got to learn Final Cut Pro, which they make big Hollywood movies with. If you want to learn how to make your own movies definitely take this course.

Thomas McGovern – 10th grade – Marin Catholic High School

Future Filmmaker Workshops has shown me so much in every aspect of digital filmmaking. As the week went on we all learned more and more techniques and how to work as a team. Many things I learned during the week I am always applying to the movie I am making now. I would highly suggest this course to anyone who wishes to pursue making movies of their own.

Parents Reviews

Tracy C.

Having no prior experience but an interest in the film industry, my son didn’t know whether or not he would enjoy a filmmaking camp until he signed up for Adam’s Future Filmmaker Workshops program. He was badly bitten by the filmmaking bug and has now requested to sign up for this program three summers in a row–even talking about pursuing a career in film! Asking to return to a camp program was unheard of in our household until now. Adam Loften does a tremendous job with introducing and educating kids to the world of film. This program is a winner!

Greg Ostroff

When our son Samuel was 7 he started studying film with Adam Lofton and it changed his (and our family’s) life!! He has found a terrific outlet for creative expression, become highly adept in the process and technology of film making and gained a wonderful friend and mentor. Adam is a very talented and wise young man who easily connects with and inspires teens and preteens. Samuel is eagerly looking forward to yet another Future Filmakers Workshop this summer.


Future Filmmaker Workshops in The Marin Independent Journal:

This is a link to great article written by Rick Polito giving you a slice of life at Future Filmmaker Workshops. “Rookies roll tape: Budding filmmakers can receive professional guidance at camp”

Future Filmmaker Workshops in The Mill Valley Patch:

The Mill Valley Patch’s Jim Welte Interviews Adam Loften, the founder of Future Filmmaker Workshops. “Making Movies, from Soup to Nuts”

Future Filmmaker Workshops in Juvenile Hall:

During the Spring of 2005 Adam Loften instructed Marin Counties incarcerated youth. Due to the fact that incarcerated minors can not have their image shared he chose a different type of project. The students worked as groups to illustrate poems written by themselves and their peers. Click here to view an example of their work.