In Full Swing

Posted on Dec 7, 2010 in Blog

Production of the kid’s movie, “title unknown,” is in full swing! We’ve been shooting for the past three days, and the kids are doing an excellent job. Everyone is getting a chance to direct, act, operate the camera, monitor the audio, and hold the boom (not an easy job!). After a few rounds of auditions Arnold was cast as the lead role, and has been working very hard, but is a total natural. This debuts his first acting role on camera, along with most of the other students and so far the performances have been very strong. We’re very fortunate to have our two interns from the Kenyatta University along with some students from Hot Sun Foundation in Kibera, to help with the authenticity and to make sure the Swahili portion of the script is sounding good. Luckily we’ve been able to film most of the scenes here at our lovely guest house, but we also had the opportunity to film for a full day in the Kibera slum, which was really exciting. We’ve got a ton of pictures to share, so we’ll just let the images speak for themselves.

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