Future Filmmaker Workshops International Film Project: Kenya

Posted on Sep 7, 2010 in Blog, News, Press

This December Future Filmmaker Workshops will be holding it’s first international non-profit film workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. The goal of these international courses are to provide us an opportunity to experience children’s stories from all over the world.

In collaboration with Wanjiru Kinyanjui a film professor at Kenyatta University, and Raphael Otiri a community organizer living and working within the Kibera slum (one of the largest slums in the world), we have selected 7 students from mixed socio-economic backgrounds to participate in this course. During the 10 day workshop the students will collaborate to write, direct, film, act in, and edit an all original movie. We will be providing room and board for all the students during the course along with transportation when filming on location. The completed film will then be shown in a local movie theatre for all friends, family and community to share.

If you would like to send in a donation for the project, or to find out how to get involved please click on the kickstarter link below.